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Sur del Lago

Sur del Lago is one of the oldest and most interesting regions relating to the growing of cocoa in the world. It is located in northwestern Venezuela, in the tropical lowlands in the south west of the lake Maracaibo in the state Merida. This region offers very favorable climate conditions to the cocoa farmers for the cultivation of high quality cocoa. They are surrounded by tall shade trees, tropical heat and sufficient water.

Sur del Lago is harvested from Criollo and Trinitario trees and is known for its mellowed/mature and spicy flavor. Sur del Lago belongs to the fine flavor cocoas from Maracaibo. The name of the Sur del Lago beans is as well the name of the provenance region. Over thousands of years many different varieties of cocoa trees have been brought to this region which nowadays serves as a genuine melting pot of natural, genetic crosses of different types of cocoa trees which result into beautifully rounded chocolate flavours.


Flavour Profile

Due to the mix/cross of Criollo and Trinitario beans this cocoa has a very basic, hearty and beautifully rounded chocolate flavour. It is full bodied and robust including even flavours of butter, hazelnuts, almonds and a subtle aroma of red berries. It is a fine and delicate bean with a low level of acidity and astringency. You find as well floral nuances and the cocoa flavour might have a very brief and bitter tip/peak at the end of the tasting.

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