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Regarding the Criollo type cocoa, there are some varieties including Porcelana which you can find in the municipality of Maracaibo that are considered as one of the best cocoas in the world. It originates from the South of lake Maracaibo which is a particularly humid location. Genetically it belongs to the species of pure Criollo.

Porcelana trees are low sized and have fine and short branches. The leaves are of green or smooth pink color. Porcelana belongs also to the most fragile cocoa varieties. Therefore, it is more susceptible to insects and diseases. It is only to find with very fine chocolates and highly evaluated among famous chocolatiers. There are only few chocolate makers in the world that use Porcelana to create some of their chocolates, mostly due to its high price and overall due to the limited availability.

Porcelana is the purest form of the Criollo cocoa and has always been regarded as the finest cocoa. Therefore the price is substantially higher than for other cocoa varieties.


Flavour Profile

A very mild and soft cocoa, a completely refined flavour profile with a perfect balance of acidity and a low level of astringency and refreshing bitterness. You can experience notes of strawberries, cream, nuts caramel, slightly spicy with a buttery texture. Many of the flavours are not immediately discovered. It is no complex cocoa, but it is the delicacy and the balanced long lasting flavour that make Porcelana to an unforgettable experience.

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