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First discovered in the Guajira region & Sierra de Perija by Rio Guasare, this variety of cocoa was recently rediscovered. This cocoa derives from a small plantation nearby the river Guasare located in the Zulia State.

This South Lake regional variety originates from the first cocoa, the cocoa Guasare that existed on earth. It belongs to the exotic cocoas and is considered an ancient pure Criollo embedded with white to light colored seeds. The beans come from the Andean regions of Venezuela and the beans inside are very large and white from the inside.

Guasare is a high quality and 100 % Criollo variety. Generally you can say, that it is one of the genial kinds of pure coastal Venezuelan cocoas with pure raw cocoa bean aromas.


Flavour Profile

With Guasare you can experience a very nutty flavour with notes of caramel, malt, a round and full-bodied aroma with a high intensity. The flavour is very expressive and you find lots of pleasant and complex second notes, subtle undertones of dried and matured fruits, tobacco, coffee, slightly red fruits and pure cocoa. A discrete acidity and a refreshing bitterness contribute to a perfect aroma with a long standing peak /savor at the end.

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