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Ihr Kakaobohnenlieferant, spezialisiert auf exotische Edelkakaobohnen aus Lateinamerika und der Karibik!

This exotic flavour cocoa comes from a small village located in Aragua State in the northern coastal range of Venezuela which was founded in the 16th century. This village is famous for its cocoa plantations where worldwide finest cocoa beans are produced. Surrounded by mountains and rainforests there is no road access to find.

If you want to visit Chuao you must take a boat from Puerto Colombia or you have to go by foot. Due to the fact that the access to the plantation is very difficult, the cocoa beans must be transported on small boats. Chuao, isolated from the rest of the world, is known for its traditions as the cocoa producers dry the cocoa in a small patio.

Chuao as well as Porcelana belong to the Criollos of very high quality. Together with Porcelana this delicate Criollo is considered as one of the finest beans that are supplied from Venezuela. Nowadays, you can find pure Criollo and hybrid varieties (hybrid/crosses of Criollo and Trinitario) on the plantation. The quantity grown per year is about 16 mt.

Chuao is one of the highest prized cocoas among the chocolatiers.


Flavor Profile

You can find a very intensive flavour of blueberries and plums, noting even a slight vanilla sensation. A very determining and assertive cocoa with a certain sharpness and acidity. It is one of the most complex and rare cocoa qualities.

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