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Carenero Superior

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Carenero Superior is an exquisite cocoa from Barlovento, the central region of Venezuela, nearby Caracas. This cocoa is fermented very intensively which contributes to its excellent flavour and aroma.

It seems to be a very well fermented Trinitario but has the character of a Criollo. Carenero refers, as mentioned above, to the name of the export harbor from where the cocoa was shipped in ancient times. The adjectival complement Superior means that the beans are of higher quality.

Carenero Superior

Flavour Profile

The pure and typical Carenero has a strong, basic and fundamental presence of chocolate in its tone. You can explore exciting flavours such as caramel, citrus spice, berries and honey in the background. The light acidity gives even more depth referring to the profile of this variety. The various and complex kind of flavours include as well pleasant aromas of cherry and tobacco. This cocoa is very highly appreciated among famous chocolatiers for its delicious and mild smoothness.

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