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Caicara del Orinoco

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This exotic and genuine Cocoa Bean comes from the deep of Bolivar State “ESTADO BOLIVAR” in Venezuela, part of the Amazon rainforest. It name is inspired in the town where it is collected close to the “ORINOCO RIVER” in order to bring together the most important crops in this area.

The most important close productive area is “Sabana Cardona”. In this region, the main Indigenous farming community of cocoa are called “PIAROAS”. The Piaroas cultivate most of this genuine and exotic cocoa; the process to benefit the cocoa include fermentation during 6 to 8 days in the banana leaves and wood boxes, going to artesanal drying and selection. The natural environment of these shade-grown trees in this region is the Amazon rainforest; due to have similar vegetation and climate with the “Amozonas” state.

Bean Count131/100
Aromatic ProfileFully Floral and Fruity Flavor, very low bitter. Astringency and acidic reduced
Fermentation6 - 8 days / More than 92%
Production SinceN/A
Annual production260/ t per year
Area of Production1200 hectares
Number of producers60 Families

Caicara del Orinoco

Flavour Profile

Caicara del Orinoco is a fully flavoured exotic and finest “Criollo cocoa”, with a strong floral flavour, it low astringency that promote of soft real fruit flavour. It has low acidicity. It cocoa bean has more than 92 % of fermentation.

Spinnennetzdiagramm Caicara del Orinoco
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