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You can describe Venezuela as the cradle and homeland of cocoa. Located in the Caribbean – Venezuela is one of the most famous growing regions for flavor cocoa. Venezuela’s plantations produce highly appreciated Criollos among them Chuao and Porcelana. It is one of the favorite countries for chocolate makers who dedicate themselves to the production of single-origin chocolates.

Venezuela has two different cocoa growing regions. There is Sur del Lago and the Andean Regions. In both regions you can find many “subspecies” of cocoa. The names of the different cocoa varieties generally derive from shipping ports or villages where the cocoa was cultivated as for example the variety Rio Caribe that are grown near Rio Caribe or the variety Carenero Superior which refers to the Carenero port.  This port was once a very important port for this type of cocoa. Superior in this case means the higher and finer quality of the beans.

However, our flavor cocoa beans and our exotic cocoa beans are characterized by their unique taste and high quality. We import only fine flavor and exotic flavor cocoa beans! Let us give you a short description introducing every variety of the beans we can supply on demand

Kakaobohnen aus Venezuela

From Venezuela we can offer you the following fine flavor cocoa bean qualities:

Sur del Lago

Sur del Lago is one of the oldest and most interesting regions relating to the growing of cocoa in the world. It is located in northwestern Venezuela, in the tropical lowlands in the south west of the lake Maracaibo in the state Merida.

Carenero Superior

Carenero Superior is an exquisite cocoa from Barlovento, the central region of Venezuela, nearby Caracas. This cocoa is fermented very intensively which contributes to its excellent flavour and aroma. Carenero refers …

Rio Caribe

Rio Caribe cocoa comes from the State of Sucre nearby the river Caribe and therefore the name of the beans derives from the name of the river – Rio Caribe. It is a Trinitario cocoa which is grown near the Rio Caribe.


Regarding the Criollo type cocoa, there are some varieties including Porcelana which you can find in the municipality of Maracaibo that are considered as one of the best cocoas in the world.  It originates from …


This exotic flavour cocoa comes from a small village located in Aragua State in the northern coastal range of Venezuela which was founded in the 16th century. This village is famous for its cocoa plantations …


Originally coming from the Ocumare de la Costa valley, Ocumare is a very special Criollo cocoa characterized by its highly aromatic flavour. A homogenous uniformed drying and fermentation procedure …


First discovered in the Guajira region & Sierra de Perija by Rio Guasare, this variety of cocoa was recently rediscovered. This cocoa derives from a small plantation nearby the river Guasare located in the Zulia State.


This cocoa variety derives from a village named Cuyagua which is situated in the province of Arágua. Cuyagua is a cross/hybrid of Criollo and Trinitario. It’s flavour profile is Reminding partially of dairy products …

Caicara del Orinoco

This exotic and genuine Cocoa Bean comes from the deep of Bolivar State “ESTADO BOLIVAR” in Venezuela, part of the Amazon rainforest. It name is inspired in the town where it is collected close to the …






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