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Organic Satipo

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Product Information: Organic Satipo cocoa beans from Peru

Producer: Only one cooperative is responsible for the production of the cocoa that we buy from the province Satipo in the Peruvian rainforest (selva central): The “Asociación de Productores Agrosostenibles Villa Ecologia Perú”. In total there are involved 200 farmers in the production of this cocoa who grow and process the cocoa beans in a sustainable and ecological manner, preserving the rainforest area of Peru.

Fermentation process: The cocoa is fermented in boxes for a period of 4 days, dependent from the weather. Each farmer realizes the post-harvest processes individually.

Drying process: The cocoa beans are exposed to the sun on drying tables until they achieve a maximum humidity of 7%. Usually this process takes 72 hours of sun drying.

Variety: Different native hybrids from Satipo

Organic Satipo

Flavour Profile

Spinnennetzdiagramm Peru Satipo