Your cocoa bean supplier specialized in flavour and exotic cocoa beans from Latin America and the Carribbean!

Ihr Kakaobohnenlieferant, spezialisiert auf exotische Edelkakaobohnen aus Lateinamerika und der Karibik!




Fair and Ecological

For all our products, however, we pay attention to much more than just quality, variety, country of origin and workmanship. We are convinced that socially and ecologically sustainable action is a prerequisite for long-term economic success. Thanks to this guideline, we are able to create what we care about all the time: cocoa, which in the truest sense of the word is “good”.

Fairtrade Products

We supply the following Fairtrade certified Products:

Fairtrade cocoa beans

Organic Certification


We supply organic cocoa quality from the Dominican Republic, Panama, Peru and Madagascar. The following products of our company are Organic certified:

Organic cocoa beans

Fairtrade cocoa

Organic cocoa products

Organic coffee beans

Organic cane sugar

UTZ Products

We supply the following UTZ certified Products:

UTZ cocoa beans